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Make your own pasta

Make your own pasta

Don't Panic Georgie.

This week i’ll be telling you how to make your own pasta! My machine is designed for making fettucine and spaghetti. Fettucine seemed the easiest and least intimidating to start with and I was right, it’s actually pretty simple!

Et viola! Et viola!

Top tip: run some flour through the press and cutters to make sure none of your dough gets stuck!

You really can taste the difference with freshly made pasta. It just takes a little time to let the dough dry out once you’ve got it as thin as you need, but only 20 mins or so and then you’re good to go!

I’ll keep this simple. You’ll need a pasta machine, ours was around £20 in a sale at a lovely cookery store in Birmingham but you can get great ones on amazon, M&S or Debenhams for about the same.

Ingredients: 500g Grade ’00’ pasta flour

4 eggs

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Oh My! Carbonara!


Apparently Anna Has Some Explaining to do

I made my carbonara tonight. I haven’t made that in forever, and I almost forgot how to do it. But, it turned out just as amazing as it always does, and my hubby stuffed himself, and is currently sitting on my couch moaning about how full he is! I’d say it was a success.

My carbonara is a little different. I don’t use egg in it, and it has mushrooms instead of peas. I made traditional carbonara one time, and decided I preferred this recipe. It’s not just that it’s super-easy to make, but I like the way it tastes better, too!


1 – pkg. bacon
1 – pkg. linguine or fetucinne noodles
1 – pkg. mushrooms, sliced
1 – pkg. (8 oz.) cream cheese or Neuchâtel cheese, cubed
1 – tbsp. minced garlic
1 3/4 to 2 – cups milk
Salt, pepper, dried parsley, and garlic powder, to…

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